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Trump basically sealed his re-election also, because the tax plan put so much money in the hands of those who had normally supported Democrats for purely economic reasons that they will now be very likely to vote with their pocketbooks for Trump.Getting rid of the Obamacare mandate was the icing on the cake, everyone hated that mandate, which was the holy grail for liberal/communist democrats because it put so much money into the pockets of their cronies.This proves without question the web is completely manipulated, and that this web site is hated by the elite like no other.They'll punish anyone who does anything with this site.

Delete all but the IP address and hit enter to get the new page.

But they are claiming the sun is going to go into a cooling cycle and we may have a mini ice age on the way.

What they do know for certain is the sun does not have a guaranteed steady output.

Jan 2 2018 He did say he has a launch button on his desk, but his missiles can't be launched without hours of prep which would make such a button useless. REALITY: The type of missiles Kim Jong has take at least hours to prepare for launch, he can't just hit a button and say "that was easy". I'd say it is probable, the ankle monitor (exact one below Huma) is the #1 most common in the United States and does indeed match that outline in Huma's pants. She may not be making a fashion statement with those. is freezing it's butt off, but remember, snowfalls are a "thing of the past" by now according to the global warming scam, and freezing your butt off is only a symptom of the earth warming up according to the same crowd.

If he does not keep them hidden, they'd be blown up a few minutes after an F-22 crossed his border with no chance of launch whatsoever. If 2018 becomes the year of the swamp drain, we'll be seeing a LOT of those. I don't believe our scientists, who only have a 300 year record of the sun (which has enormously long cycles) can accurately predict what the sun is going to do.

The welfare-warfare state is built on a foundation of taxation and fiat currency controlled by a secretive central bank.



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