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He has immediately left Italy and returned to Albania and since then has never visited Italy again; has been dealing instead with the construction of the supermarket in Sallmone.The Shkodrans have come to Shijak several times in order to kill him.

Former Minister of Interior Agron Musaraj (1993-1996) was a supporter of such groups, but his limited political power could not empower these groups.

Beonard is sentenced in Italy, in the city of San Benedeto for drug trafficking and women trafficking, currently, with profits from drugs sale, he is constructing a three store villa in the Sallmone village. Both brothers currently move around carrying guns in their cars, which are in turn stolen and of the latest years, they distribute drugs in Durres and Shijak and transport drugs to Italy through other soldiers.

He was a member of the commission at the Voting Center no. Mandrini often goes to Italy to collect the money, since Mr.

It must be noted that Gjoka’s drugs goes through the port of Durres and Vlora and almost each cargo that is stopped in Italy is Gjoka’s and all the arrested men are his as well. name=News&file=print&sid=1264 Im Verbrecher Staat des Salih Berisha, kann Nichts mehr verwundern und über die kriminell agierende Tochter Argita Berisha und Lulzim Basha, wird auch inzwischen immer mehr geoutet.

The Brothers Gezim and Besnik Sijoni, residents in the village of Xhafzotaj have a criminal record as follows: In the year 1994 G. Identisch im Fatos Nano, Ilir Meta Verbrecher Staat davor!

Alles erinnert an 1997, als die Salih Berisha Bande mit Tritan Shehu, in der Deutschen Botschaft vorstellig wurde und 600 Millionen DM verlangte, wegen dem Pyramid Gesellschaften um einen Volksaufstand zu vermeiden.


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