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It Was Created In 1951 By The Daily Express And Revived In 1958 By The Milk Marketing Board, Hence The Alternative Name Of The ' Milk Race'`Tour Of Britain Sports: The ________________ __ ______ Marathon Is A Canoeing Event Held Annually In South Africa.

The Race Covers A Distance Of 145 Km Through Rugged Country And Was First Run In 1951 When Only One Of The Eight Starters Finished The Race`Pietermaritzburg To Durban Sports: The _______ _____ Originated At Olympia, In Elis, Peloponnesus And Were Said To Have Been Originated By Hercules In Honour Of The Olympian Zeus, And To Have Been Revived By Iphitus In 776 Bc`Olympic Games Sports: The Tour Of Britain Is The Principle British Amateur Cycling Race.

It Was Founded In 1814 And Is Run Over The Straight Rowley Mile At Newmarket In The Spring`One Thousand Guineas Stakes Sports: The __ _____ ______ Is An English Horse Race Forming The Third Leg Of The English Triple Crown.

It Was Founded In 1778 And Is Run In September On The Town Moor At Doncaster Over 2900 Meters`St Leger Stakes`saint Leger Stakes Sports: The _'_____ ______ Is A North American Ice Hockey Trophy Awarded Annually To The Losing Team In The Stanley Cup Play-Off Finals. O'brien`O'brien Trophy Sports: The _________ _._. Is A Rugby Union Touring Club Which Was Formed In 1890 At Bradford, Yorkshire, By The Blackheath Forward Carpmael.


The Team First Played In The National League In 1966 Following The Transfer Of The Franchise From Milwaukee.

The Races Are Held Over The Public Roads (Closed At The Time) Making The Races Fast, And Dangerous Requiring Excellent Handling Of The Bikes At High Speed`Tourist Trophy Sports: The Two Thousand Guineas Stakes Is The Second Classic Horse Race Of The English Season.


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