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The position of society towards such marriages is obviously negative both in Russia and in the West.Nevertheless, there is a need for this type of connections from both sides.It looks like the number of Internet dating agencies which specialize on representing Russian women also doubles every 365 days with 5-7 new agencies registered by dating directories every week.Thus, we have two types of stable representations about marrying Russian women: positive, originated from dating and introduction agencies, and negative, raised by society.The most common myths are discussed on this page, I've picked out 9 of them.

Foreigners admit that Russians dress very neat and stylish.And they think that they have an experience of a lifetime.


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    M., Riel-Salvatore, J.,2012, Agents of change: Modeling biocultural evolution in upper pleistocene Western Eurasia, Advances in Complex Systems, 15, 1-2.

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    I am the perfect companion for any occasion and I am as passionate as can be.

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    If a woman wants to place her profile on Romance, she needs to visit our partner's office and provide a copy of her ID.

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    magazine that she isn't thinking too far ahead when it comes to their relationship, as they're both focusing on the here and now.

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