Selo gori a baba se ceslja 89 epizoda online dating


Selo gori, a baba se češlja (English: The village is burning, and the grandmother is combing her hair) is a television series in Serbia.First aired in 2007, the show quickly gained national fame with episodes in its third season averaging approximately 2.9 million viewers. Although the end of the series was announced in the Closing credits of the episode #89, 12 additional episodes was filmed in 2016, and aired in the autumn 2016. The entire story is based around his recount of the time when he lived in the village and how he spent his time with his fellow countrymen and women. Most of the show revolves around Radašin’s family but also around his friends, who are the main characters of the show: Dragojlo, Žota and Milo.Andrija i Andjelka , a couple in their mid thirties, are a typical example of what happens when a man and woman live together.Although they sincerely love each other, they often get on ...The show is mostly filmed in Kragujevac and Central Serbia, also known as Šumadija."Selo gori, a baba se češlja" is the most watched scripted drama on Serbian television. The entire cast from the show appeared in the film which was mostly based on the series third season.The second episode of the third season was watched by over 3 million people making it one of the most watched programmes ever broadcast in Serbia.

The fourth season was filmed from August 20, 2009 to April 2010, while the show aired from January 16, 2010. The fourth and final season is made up of 2 parts, with the first part airing from January 2010 until May 2010 and the second airing from November 2010 until May 2011.

Its third season’s fourth episode was the most watched with 3.014.000 viewers, setting a viewership record in Serbian broadcasting television. Internationally, the film will be shown for the first time at the 2010 Serbian Film Festival in Australia in October 2010.


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