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"I do not think an insult chat room like this was the place for him." Another, who asked not to be named, told the Sutton Guardian: "It took him literally 30 seconds to go from sitting down to hanging." An administrator of the group wrote on Wednesday: "As an admin in the room at the time this tragedy took place, the frustration of not being able to contact police because dialling 101 or 999 from a country outside the UK became immediately apparent.

"By the time it took me to get a room member from the UK to contact 999, it was way too late.

first and foremost i would like to say that this is for a past homework assignment that i could not figure out and have come here to ask for clarification. Your 3NF relations don't follow from your 2NF answer, but they're close to the correct answer. Primary keys should be maintained/derived through the normalization process, not "decided" after the fact.

I am having trouble with normalization for this specific question. You only need to identify a primary key once, for 1NF, the others should follow from the normalization.


For question b, explain why your answer to question a isn't in 2NF by demonstrating a partial dependency.Gregory Tomkins tragically killed himself in front of other web users on Christmas Day after he connected to the Apple Inc Insults forum on Paltalk.


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    Because of this it had suspended her account, even though she had not asked for this to happen.

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