Naughty but nice dating


On a more physical level, that smack on the bottom causes your blood flow to increase to your butt and your nearby genitals, making it more sensitive and thereby increasing arousal.How to add erotic spanking to your sex life Whether you just like sudden, white-hot jolts of pleasurable pain to your derriere, or you want to explore your dominant/submissive sides, spanking is a fun and exciting way to intensify the fire in your sex life.If you think you need to add some kink to your erotic repertoire, but are hesitant to go full-on BDSM with each other, maybe you’d benefit from a little spanking.For some, a little playful spanking is enough to take the sexual tension and excitement up a few notches higher.This will give your partner different sensations in different parts of the body, which can take the pleasure to an almost otherworldly level.[Read: 9 sexiest foreplay tips you can use in bed] #4 Use various hand techniques.Just because it’s spanking and you both agree that you want it to be hard, doesn’t mean you should go at it with all your might then and there.

This tells the dominant partner that you’ve had enough or that you want a certain action to stop.No matter how crude you may think it is, spanking can actually be an art form–a craft.The way you position your hand and the way you hold it against your partner’s ass can produce different results.For example, you can give two to three slow spanks in a row, then you can kiss and let your hands roam to your partner’s privates.

After a while, you can slap the ass again, and do something else afterward.

Give encouraging words to your partner if you’re on the receiving end.


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