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Chulsoo & Younghee ["Chulsoo ♥ Younghee"] Directed by Hwang Qu-dok. A cute little kid who likes to make trouble falls in love with a spirited young transfer student named Younghee. Starring Jeon Ha-eun, Park Tae-young, Jeong Jin-young. A man of wide-ranging talents, he wrote storybooks while also adapting children's literature from abroad for Korean readers.'My Brother' is a story about two very different brothers living with their loanshark mother (Kim Hae-suk).She is able to live in a nice apartment and lives with her friend Jong-Jong (Shin Yi). The man is Joon-Ho (Yeon Jeong-Hun) who works in the reference room at the broadcasting station. The covers and text in this post come from the hard-to-find book Bound Treasures: Graphic Art in Korean Children's Books of the Mid-20th Century by Lee Ho Baek and Jeong Byung-kyu.

(pictured right) Daddy-Long-Legs ["Kidari ajeossi"] Directed by Gong Jeong-shik. After losing her parents, Young-mi is helped by a benevolent guardian who watches over her from afar. Won Bin plays Jong-hyeon , the younger brother, who is good at fighting and always looking for trouble.On the contrary his older brother, Seong-hyeon (Shin Ha-gyun) is tender and good at studying.Will they continue carry on living hating each other?

or will they find out the meaning of being brother? Thanks to the superb acting of both Won Bin and Shin Ha-gyun, the viewer is taken on a journey of sentimental scnenes, that will shed tears.Poetry and inspirational paintings drawn by working artists were laid out across two-page spreads.


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