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You must fill out a payment form, which is available at the Customs counter – If the value of the goods surpasses one thousand dollars (per family member) after subtracting the US0 exemption, or if any of the goods is subject to non-tariff regulations or restrictions, you must hire the services of a customs broker.

Private brokerage services are always available at the airport – If you bring a desktop computer, you may pay duties and taxes by filling out a payment form as long as the value of the computer and its peripherals and accessories do not exceed US,000.

and there are other twists~details worth reading about at: Dec.

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See the comments at the end of the list of “What Can I Bring In Duty Free” for details.

We also added a section on items that are prohibited for importation by shipping by common carriers like Estafeta, UPS, DHL, and Fed Ex in a subsection called: Prohibited Items for Importation by Shipping into Mexico Feb, 2013: SAT has issued new rules for importing things. ~ How much should I pay for those additional goods that are not part of my luggage or the 0 flight or 0 auto exemption?

The new year round limits are 0 US dollars per person entering Mexico by air, and 0 US dollars per person by land. There are also special holiday 0 USA per Mexican citizen Paisano program limits between Nov. ~ Which items may be included in my personal luggage exempt from duty? ° The items allowed in your personal luggage, according to the length of the trip ° As of Dec.

5, 2013: Up to US0 per person in permitted goods, or its equivalent in other currencies when flying into Mexico.

In the case of psychotropic substances you must present the corresponding medical prescription *** ° Persons with disabilities may include those items for personal use that due to their characteristics may replace or reduce their disability. 2013 ================================================================= In which cases should I pay taxes?


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