Hannah waddingham nude

show 'Nella the Princess Knight' at 11 Cavendish Square on May 14, 2017 in London, England.

Hannah Waddingham (born 1974) is an English actress.

" Trapped in a cell, charged with fornication, incest, treason, and murder, Cersei's short on friends at the moment.

Her son, the king, is too forlorn to stop by, her brother/lover's off in Dorne, and she's alienated most of the Small Council, save for Qyburn.

Records in May 2002 to coincide with the stage production (also featuring Hannah as Starbird) which ran for three weeks at London's Pleasance Theatre in May 2002.In 2015 she joined the cast of the fifth season of the HBO series Game of Thrones as Septa Unella.Waddingham was born in Wandsworth in London, and credits her mother's family with her introduction to performing - her mother, Melodie Kelly, was an opera singer, as were both her maternal grandparents.The Les Miserables star was told by doctors she had little chance of carrying a baby, but she is now celebrating after confirming her pregnancy.


The actress/singer, who turns 40 this year (14), announced the news during an interview on TV on Thursday (06Feb14), telling chat show host Lorraine Kelly, "It will be a bit of a shock for some of my friends who I've not managed to call yet." Waddingham went on to reveal her fertility issues, adding, "I know plenty of women go through it.

These are the most simple things — sleep, food, water, nobody talking to you, total isolation. And she's absolutely looking after her family — not in the way we think you would, but we all have our own ways of doing things, don't we? [Laughs.] The first time I went into the makeup trailer, we braided my hair really tight, so that you wouldn't see any of it at all, put the wimple on, and then they brushed my eyebrows the wrong way, and then added in some hairs where most women would take them out!



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