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It's also not the first sex toy to compromise its users' personal information.Last month, Standard Innovation, makers of the We-Vibe line of connected vibrators, settled a class action lawsuit for violating users' privacy.One individual was given a choice between two individuals of the opposite sex, one an LL and the other an LR.In both species, females showed the predicted preference for LL males, whereas males did not discriminate between LL and LR females.Such sexual parasites occur in a variety of invertebrate orders; among the Chordata, they are restricted to a few species of fishes and amphibians (Beukeboom and Vrijenhoek, 1998: Tables 2 and 3).At least in vertebrates, all sperm-dependent species seem to originally derive from natural hybridization between two sexual species (Arnold, 1997; Vrijenhoek, 1989) and have an initial demographic advantage over their sexual hosts, that is, the sperm donor species.Hence, mate female choice is a strong candidate for a mechanism promoting coexistence of the sperm-dependent hybrid and its sexual host.


With respect to the structure and dynamics of mixed populations, we discuss that the observed female preference is consistent with the higher mating success of LL males found in nature.

As it turned out, We-Vibe toys were collecting and sending "highly intimate and sensitive data" back to the company's servers without the user's permission.

For several decades, behavioral ecologists have studied the effects of the environment on the behavior of individuals; but only fairly recently they have started to ask the reverse question: how do the behavioral strategies of individuals affect the composition and dynamics of populations and communities?

In reality, however, such systems have been found to be remarkably stable over both ecological space (Berger, 1977; Moore, 1976) and evolutionary times (Hedges et al., 1992; Quattro et al., 1992; Spolsky et al., 1992).


In searching for the conditions under which such stability can be achieved, most theoretical models have focused on demographic and ecological mechanisms.

reports, because the smart dildo creates a Wi-Fi access point with the easily guessed default password of "88888888".


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