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Speed Dating Providence™ offers men and women the opportunity to meet for love or friendship.Our clients are single men and women ages 20s, 30s and early 40s.


Sarah: In Providence, there’s one degree of separation.

It’s different for people who have just moved here versus people who have lived here a long time. Mat: I found at first, after moving here after college, it’s great. There’s an infinite amount of places to go, to eat, to hang out.

And then three to six months in, I started looking around and saying “ok, I’ve been on a date with everyone in here right now.” Or the friend I was with had dated that person.

Julie: I hope you guys have gotten to know each other a little bit.

Now I’d like to is talk about your dating experiences in Providence. How do you feel as someone who is ostensibly looking for dates, or a partner?

We live in a community that makes this place great. Kristen: Yes, but you have to have some level of courage for that. I’m a little bit older, so maybe it’s the divorced generation, but they pounce on dating and it’s like I can’t compete with you. It’s refreshing to have someone come up and talk to you. It’s about power, and the ability to reject and accept. It’s all about going out with someone to see how it goes.


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