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Conflict between the Greenlanders and the "skrælings" is recorded in the Icelandic Annals.

The term skrælings is also used in the Vínland sagas, which relate to events during the 10th century, when describing trade and conflict with native peoples.

Some such contact claims are examined in reputable peer-reviewed sources.Chicken bones found at the site El Arenal in the Arauco Peninsula, an area inhabited by Mapuche, support a pre-Columbian introduction of chicken to South America.


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    This star-studded red carpet affair attracts the industry elite, as the XBIZ Awards show is the most celebrated night of honors in adult entertainment.

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    Has Suits actress and girlfriend of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, been inspired by the Princess Diana’s fashion?

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    Aus Gründen der Transparenz und im Sinne einer sachlich-fundierten Debatte finden Sie nachfolgend den Abschlussbericht zur...

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