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ORU ÖÉëÉääëÅÜ~Ñí Sezession, Rezession und Transformation: Umbruch in der Welt der Yakuza Wolfgang Herbert Secession, Recession and Transformation: Shake-up in the Yakuza World On August 27 th, 2015, the biggest gangster syndicate in Japan split into two groups.

Thirteen high ranking bosses declared their secession from the mother organisation, the Yamaguchi-gumi, and established a new gang: the Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi.

In 1992, a new Anti-Yakuza-bill came into effect which has since undergone several revisions.On March 7 th, 2016, the police declared that the two gangs were at war.One month later the new gang was designated as a»violent group«(shitei bōryokudan), whereby it became the object of the Anti-Yakuza-laws, facilitating clamp-downs and repression.Control and isolation of the Yakuza have become stricter than ever.

Ordinances at the local level try to force the Yakuza out of business.Unter ihm wurde sie dank einer aggressiven landesweiten Expansionspolitik militärisch wie ökonomisch zum größten Syndikat der japanischen organisierten Kriminalität (OK) kam nach einem Coup d état der sechste Boss, Tsukasa Shinobu, in sein Amt und seitdem herrscht intern eine strenge Disziplin.


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