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The major powers, led by Iran and Saudi Arabia, are now wrestling over their position in the region.

This confluence of events is threatening stability in the kingdom.

As oil riches have declined in Saudi Arabia, the crisis has forced change in the country.

Women are joining the workforce and music is even being permitted on the streets.

This evening, as Khalil Al Muwail performs his concert to thundering applause in the tent of the Cultural Center of Saudi Arabia, they can't be found either.


Will Saudi Arabia prevail in its battle against repeated jihadi attacks?That pact, reached over 250 years ago between the Sunni Wahhabis and the Saudi dynasty had always been a win-win situation for both sides: The Saudis controlled the country's land and oil revenues while the Wahhabi clergy ruled its hearts and minds.


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    "Aecht" is franconian dialect for "ein echtes" (a real/an original)--Alko Ok, a bit of Finnish beer history.

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    Visitors visit this temple in large numbers on daily basis.

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    The BSI completed 308 investigations during the year and sent 291 to the DPP for further consideration.

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