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The purpose of the gold is clear; the Child was poor. It is said that after their return home, the Magi were baptized by St.

Thomas and wrought much for the spread of the Faith in Christ. This author admits that he is drawing upon the apocryphal Book of Seth, and writes much about the Magi that is clearly legendary.

His "double" (the fravashi of the Parsi) developed together with every good man until death united the two. It is likely, however, that the Magi were familiar with the great Messianic prophesies. When Christ was born, there was undoubtedly a Hebrew population in Babylon, and probably one in Persia.


Admitting only internal evidence, they say, this evidence does not stand the test of criticism. To the head of this caste, Nergal Sharezar, Jeremias gives the title Rab-Mag , "Chief Magus" ( Jeremiah 39:3 , , in Hebrew original — Septuagint and Vulgate translations are erroneous here).The story is traceable to an Arian writer of not earlier than the sixth century, whose work is printed, as "Opus imperfectum in Matthæum" among the writings of St. The cathedral of Cologne contains what are claimed to be the remains of the Magi; these, it is said, were discovered in Persia, brought to Constantinople by St.Helena, transferred to Milan in the fifth century and to Cologne in 1163 (Acta SS., I, 323). All materials contained on this site, whether written, audible or visual are the exclusive property of Catholic Online and are protected under U. and International copyright laws, © Copyright 2018 Catholic Online.Cyril of Alexandria (In Is., xlix, 12); Aribia, according to St. We prefer to interpret Luke's words as indicating a return to Galilee immediately after the presentation. Thereafter the Holy Family probably returned to abide in Bethlehem. It was "in the days of King Herod " ( Matthew 2:1 ), i.e. This latter date of the Nativity was introduced into the Church of Antioch during St. G., XLIX, 351), and still later into the Churches of Jerusalem and Alexandria.

That the Magi thought a star led them on, is clear from the words ( eidomen gar autou ton astera ) which Matthew uses in 2:2. Rationalists and rationalistic Protestants, in their efforts to escape the supernatural, have elaborated a number of hypotheses: These theories all fail to explain how "the star which they had seen in the east, went before them, until it came and stood over where the child was" ( Matthew 2:9 ).Only a miraculous phenomenon could have been the Star of Bethlehem.


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